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At Kafeko we have for a long time focused on supporting our customers in achieving the sustainability goals that you have included in your strategy.

Our partners place great emphasis on optimizing the entire supply chain. By working with certified subcontractors, choosing environmentally smart raw materials, and developing new technologies for the possibility of using environmentally friendly packaging materials, which can ultimately be reused in the raw material chain.

Sustainability of the product and minimized food waste

The most important task of the packaging is to protect the product, to keep it fresh and safe to use right up to the “best before date” on the packaging. Minimizing food waste is one of the most important keys to reducing the CO2 impact from the food industry. This requires efficient packaging lines with minimized product waste as well as a high quality of packaging, so that your product reaches the consumer fresh and safe.

Reuse of packaging materials

Fiber-based materials already have a functioning chain for reuse. Polymers, or plastics as they are called, also have a system for reuse. Important is that the plastic then consists of only one basic component, i.e. a mono material. Our partners have developed packaging machines which:

  • can run fiber-based materials (flow packs, bags, transport packaging)
  • can run mono materials to replace complicated laminate structures (e.g. packaging for coffee)

Laminate can of course also be run with the same machines.

Ask us how we can help optimize your packaging so that it becomes part of the reuse chain in the future.

Examples of innovative thinking

Our partner Syntegon Packaging started a project to replace plastic-based deep-drawn packaging with a fiber-based material. Common today is to pack, for example, toothbrushes, razors or other technical products in a plastic packaging. Now Syntegon has developed a machine where the plastic packaging is replaced with a 100% fiber-based material. The first line to Europe is already sold.  Even foods can, with certain restrictions, be packed in this type of packaging.

Other example from Syntegon Packaging are paper-based bags for nuts, chocolate cake in a flowpack made of paper or vacuum packaging made from a mono-biopolymer for coffee.

Doy påse Kafeko
Examples of packagings –
Doy bag
Doy påse flowpack Kafeko
Syntegon fiber based packaging 
Syntegon Paper pods TPU1000
Syntegon fiber based packagings

What do we do at Kafeko do to do our part

We consult our customers on climate-smart solutions, we have knowledge, we have the technology and we have the experience. Together, we will help you achieve your goals for our common planet. We can support you in projects from the development of new packaging, testing of packaging, test runs with us or in your production as well as delivery and start-up of new lines.

Our work at Kafeko requires travel, but as the pandemic has taught us, there is a lot that can be done remotely. At Kafeko, we have full flexibility to choose whether we work remotely and save on travel or if we go to our offices. We switch to hybrid cars / electric cars when the cars are replaced and we climate compensate our air travel.

Common goals!

We help you with the perfect solution both in packaging and processing. With our partners, we can together create a sustainable, modern and successful future for your product.

Feel free to contact us and we will make your project a success.

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