For confectionary

Our partners, Syntegon and Rotzinger Hansella, supply machines for process, moulding and shaping of sweets manufacturing for these products, for example.

  • Foam products, wine gum, jelly, toffee, fondant, hard caramels with or without filling. Müsli or sports bars, chewing gum and licorice.

Confectionary mass manufacturing lines – kitchen and moulding

Make your confectionary product from the raw materials for your sweets in the recipe-driven process. Weighing, dosing and mixing equipment where, for example, ingredients such as milk powder, pectin, isomalt, starch and gelatin are mixed and dissolved.

Syntegon Makat Gravomat

Cooking occurs continuously in the vertical heat exchanger, where for a short time, the mass is mixed and dissolved. The unique design of the heat exchanger allows dead zones to be avoided and the result gives a smooth and fine mass. Capacity from 600kg up to 5000kg per hour.

Syntegon Makat Rapidsolver

Color and flavoring of the mass is adapted to your need for number of colors and flavors,and delivered as gravimetric or volumetric system.

Syntegon Makat mixing plant

Moulding lines for confectionary are built in different variants for standard widths of the tray and “jumbo” size, and where you can also get oriented emptying of the tray for products that, for example, should receive chocolate covers. In addition to traditional starch tray, we can also supply starch-free silicone molds.

Syntegon Makat Mogul HLM 35 
Syntegon Makat TF 8000

Drying and cooling of the starch from your Mogul is done using a compact system.

Syntegon Makat sugaring drum

Oiling and sugaring drums are available in different sizes and materials to suit your different products.

Manufacture of hard caramels

Rotzinger Hansella offers complete solutions for hard caramels, from mixing the mass to forming and embossing with capacities from 500kg to 2000kg per hour.

Rotzinger Hansella BAK rotary forming line
Rotzinger Hansella BSK batch roller

Manufacture of bars

Rotzinger Hansella offers complete solutions for the manufacture of bars. Everything from mixing, forming, cooling and cutting the product to packaging. The equipment is suitable for müsli, protein, fruit, candy and brittle bars.

Rotzinger Hansella Bar forming line
Rotzinger Hansella WRC cooling tunnel
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