Labeling machines

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Labeling machines and label dispensers. Our partner HERMA manufactures labeling machines as well as label dispensers. The labeling machines are standalone machines that can be integrated into packaging lines.

Label dispensers can be built into packaging machines or packaging lines. Due to their speed, HERMA’s machines are also well suited for printing companies and the paper industry. The labeling capacity is up to 300 labels/min.

HERMA 500 Label dispenser

Herma InNo-Liner 

HERMA’s new sustainable system is InNo-Liner. InNo-Liner is an innovative labeling solution with a label material without back paper, a more environmentally friendly management through reduced paper waste, water and energy use.

Herma Labeling machines

Application of label can be done as a simple label on the front and/or back of the package, round label on round bottles or label on the front and back of the bottle.

HERMA Labeling equipment
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