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Process equipment and roasting machines for coffee.
Important points in coffee production are quality, heat recovery, minimizing energy consumption and dust particles. The development and testing of future methods for fossil-free coffee roasting is also of great importance.

Our partner Probat, is the world market leader as a supplier of equipment for the manufacturing of coffee. On the Nordic market, about 8 coffee cups out of 10 are roasted with roasting machines supplied by Probat.

We know coffee, contact us and together we can go through your needs. From a roasting machine to roast 5 kg of coffee per hour or a whole coffee roastery.

The entire roasting plant from Probat

Together with Probat we can deliver a whole roasting plant such as.

  • Reception, Cleaning and Silo storage of green coffee
  • Mixing and Transporting Green Coffee to Roasting Machine
  • Roasting machines, dependent on model with a roasting capacity of 20 to 5000 kg of green coffee per hour
  • Storage and transport systems of roasted coffee
  • Grinders for grinding coffee
  • Storage of ground coffee in silo system
  • Transport of ground coffee or whole beans for packing machine
  • The control system for the roastery with recipe management, production planning, track & trace, reporting and connection to your ERP system

Maintenance, modernizations and spare parts for existing Equipment from Probat.

Probat Roaster Neptune 3000
Probat Grinder UW 4002

Energy optimization

With Probat’s green coffee preheating, up to 25% of the energy in a roasting machine is reused to preheat the green coffee. It provides a direct saving of energy consumption and increase of capacity and that we protect the environment.

Probat research & development center

Probat Proforte 

With a regenerative oxidation, the process air is cleaned with minimum use of additional energy and emission values, which meet today’s regulatory requirements by a very good margin. It is the best possible way to clean the process air from a roast plant.

Probat Proforte 

We can even be small

Roasting machines and smaller plants for a coffee production between 20 – 200 kg per hour.

Probat shop roaster P25 with silo
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