Other industries

Are you looking for a new packaging line or a new packaging for your product?

By other products we mean products that are not food or products in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you have a focus on sustainable packaging solutions with reusable materials. We have the experience, contact us and we will help you.

Together with our partners, we at Kafeko can help you become even better in the future.

We deliver everything from standalone packaging machines to entire packaging lines, a whole line with overall responsibility at one supplier.

  • Paper Form Fill Seal machines
  • Cartoning lines with input system
  • Side fed cartoning or Top Loading
  • Transport packaging in a case
  • Labeling machines
  • Flow pack lines for horizontal solutions
  • Robotic solutions with pick & place robots or robotic solutions for palletizing products

More information can be found under the headings packaging machines.

Syntegon Paper Form Fill Seal
Syntegon Elematic
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