kartoneringsmaskin och sleevemaskiner

Cartoning and Sleeve Machines

Do you need a carton package for your product?

At Kafeko we can, together with our partners, offer you consultation in the planning of the packaging, the machines that package the product as well as local service including spare parts and service technicians.

The carton packaging around a product serves as a protection, a logistical packaging and/or as a good way to market your product. The carton package is a sustainable alternative and is seen by the end customer as a gentle environmental alternative.

Together with our partners, we can offer you carton packaging options in several different areas.

Examples of packaging

Cartoning machines for food and other industries

Syntegon Kliklok machines are used in a wide segment of food and other packaging industries. The machines are either continuous or intermittent motion with a capacity of 10-300 packagings/minute. For these machines, Syntegon also supplies automatic in feeed and grouping equipment. Typical products for Syntegon Kliklok’s cartoning machines are: biscuits, sweets, bags, cookies, and frozen products.

Kartonerings-och-Sleevemaskiner Kliklok BEC 1024
Syntegon Kliklok 


Do you need a “Wrap around” or a tray with a lid?

Our partner Syntegon is the market leader for Toploaders for the food industry. Products such as chocolate bars, biscuits, chocolate sticks and ice cream are some examples that are packed. The orientation can be horizontal or vertical with the “face outwards” that is ready to be placed directly on the storeshelf. We can also deliver primary packaging machines and the entire line from Syntegon.

Kartonerings-och Sleevemaskiner Sigpack-TTM2
Syntegon TTM2 

A cardboard sleeve, different versions for your product

Do you want a Multipack for your product or a cardboard “sleeve” around your product?
A Multipack makes it easier for the customer to get a larger amount of products at the same time,and increases your sales.

A cardboard sleeve around your packaging is perfect for:

  • Enable a thinner primary packaging, save plastic materials and reduce CO2 footprint
  • Promote the product in a better and easier way
  • Separation and recycling of packing materials will be easier for the final consumer

Stand out on the shelf and sell better with a nice sleeve around your product.

Syntegon Sleeve multi pack kafeko
Syntegon sleeve multi pack
Syntegon Carton Sleeve pack style
Syntegon Carton sleeve pack style
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