Packaging lines

Packaging lines

Overall responsibility with one supplier for the entire packaging line.

A packaging line consists of interfaces between different machines. Let us help you and take responsibility for the whole line. One supplier, one interface, and one control system. We do the work for you.

A whole packaging line from process to palletizing

Together with our partners, we increasingly deliver complete packaging lines with turnkey solutions to our customers. We take responsibility for the entire production and/or packaging line. We offer process equipment, vertical bag machines, flow packing machines, Pick&Place robotic solutions, cartoning machines, sleeve machines, top loaders, case packers and palletizing equipment. For the vertical bag machines we supply auger fillers, multi head weighers, linear weighers, counters or volumetric fillers. For the flowpack machines, we also deliver buffer system, infeed and grouping equipment between the process equipment and the packing machine itself. In addition to this, we integrate quality control of the packaging such as check weigher and X-ray equipment. We can also integrate third-party machinery and equipment into our packaging lines. We are your partner who can be responsible for the entire layout and integrate these machines into a complete solution.

Packaging lines Syntegon Vertical form & seal line
Syntegon Vertical form & seal line

Coordination of projects

When investing in a complete packaging line, the interfaces between the individual machines, coordination of the schedule, test run, delivery, assembly and commissioning are of great importance. Our partners take responsibility for the entirety and guarantee a frictionless project for you. This reduces your resource requirements, shortens project time and commissioning of the packaging line as well as noticeably reduce the risks in the project.

Factory acceptance test drive, FAT

Come along and test drive your line before delivery.

The packaging line can be tested in its entirety before delivery at our partners’ factories. A test drive before delivery ensures quick installation and commissioning. We also carry out CE marking of individual machines and the entire packaging line for you.

Packaging lines Syntegon Ampack cup filling machine line
Syntegon Ampack cup filling machine line

Your operators on the packaging line

Packaging lines supplied by our partner Syntegon are built with identical control panels. Your line operator can easily take care of the various machines and equipment in the packaging line. The machines can be connected to the same network and production information can be automatically transferred to a central database.

Packaging Line CE-marking

Our partners perform CE marking for the individual machines as well as for the entire packaging line, the overall responsibility lies with us.

Packaging Line Service and Maintenance

You get both local service from us as well as comprehensive service and maintenance services from our partners for your packaging line.

Together with our customers, we tailor the appropriate service and maintenance agreements that may specify visits once a year or more frequently, checking spare parts as well as stock level, further training and potential modernisations of the packaging line.


The main goal of the line is that the level of production should be as high as possible. Our partners high quality packaging machines provide you with a high OEE-level, low waste, high product quality and safe use of the production line.

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